Filip Oborník


Hi, nice to meet you

I am developer from Czech Republic

I would like you to meet some of my

good buddies


She was my first one when I started programming. We know each other for some time so i know she is fine lady to work with.

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It is becoming more and more popular in Android development and also in web development. And it absolutely deserves it. It is my lifesaver. If possible, i prefer coding in it :)

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Developing for smartphones is my passion. Everyday, thousands of people use them and apps on them. And I love to make people‘s life easier by developing these apps

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Nowadays, I am hanging out also with web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. And we are getting on well so far.

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If interested, let's explore some of

my work

From time to time I also write


Most of them are only in Czech language, sorry...

Want to build something amazing together?

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Or text me directly on


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